Structural Analysis educational-cultural building in Nablus city

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Tala Dwaikat
Sabrin Suwan
Heba Sameer
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This project outlines the structural analysis of stories reinforced concrete Educational-cultural building following ACI code. This report covers the full analysis of the structure including slabs, beams, columns, shear walls. In the introduction phase, parts of the structure were analyzed using various methods of analysis. Moreover, several alternatives of slabs types where checked to choose the most effective and economical flooring system which found to be solid slab. Columns dimensions were also estimated. To provide the building with an adequate earthquake resistance, some modifications on structural configuration were made taking into consideration the architectural drawings, these schemes don’t contain any structural details such as columns, beams and slabs As a result, building behavior was acceptable in accordance with codes requirements. The modal was performed using ETABs program, extract results from it and comparing these results with Hand calculation.