kids clubs

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Tubeileh, Duha
Hassoun, Amal
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Many people like to make their children spend joyful and useful time in the summer vacation, one of the most common ways is to join them to summer clubs, which fill their time with a lot of interesting activities. So joining clubs is a very good way for this purpose, but the process of finding the suitable club is very difficult and waste time. This project aims to solve this problem, by a website and an android application. The project will provide the parents the important information about the clubs (such as location, the given services and the fees); they can also book in advance or register their children if possible. Also parents can get notifications from the registered clubs (such as emergency notifications, trips advertisements or the planned event sand parties); in addition to this, parents can track their children in their way to the club. On the other hand, clubs can create their profiles and post their advertisements easily, also this will simplify the procedure of registration on them, by putting the rules they want to join them, and the system will check it automatically. This graduation project is an android mobile application in addition to a website, the basic languages that was used to implement the project are: java and PHP for mobile application and HTML, PHP, Ajax and java script for the web application.