Evaluation and Re-Design of the Transportation System Around the New Campus of An-Najah National University

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Maen Itaer
Morad Shoman
Huthaifa Issam
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Relevance of the Project:The traffic jam in front of the new campus of An-Najah National University gates is a big problem. This phenomenon has become a real problem since An-Najah National University has been developed and begun to accept large number of students which reached about twenty thousand (about half of them at the new campus). This makes the major Nablus-Qalqilia highway located in front of the new campus a congested facility, in which through traffic mixes with local traffic and with pedestrian flow.The relevance of the project comes from its attempt to solve the congestion and safety problems on the indicated facility.Objective:The objective of the project is to reduce the effect of the traffic jam problem, to reduce the accidents, and to facilitate the pedestrian flow over the highway.Methodology:The methodology will utilize traffic management, highway design, includes interchange design and transportation planning techniques, in order to develop and redesign the highway, the following to perform:1. Data collection, including vehicular traffic data as well as pedestrians traffic data.2. Traffic analysis, including level of service and volume/capacity analysis.3. Preliminary Design of both the roadway and pedestrian facilities (including horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, cross sections and intersections/ interchanges)4. Final Design for all the above indicated items.