Planning and Design of Al-baqiea International Airport

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Anas Salahat
Majed Abbadi
yazan Ghazal
Mohammed Sawafta
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This project aims to provide the plan and design for a Palestinian airport to strengthen the transportation sector in Palestine and to make it distinct in the regional and global domain. Airports are vital to the transportation system, because the air sector is one of the best and fastest means of transportation, so it was necessary to establish an airport that connects Palestine with the outside world, as well as to improve the economy, and strengthens its identity and entity. A deep and accurate research phase was initiated to develop a complete plan for planning and designing the basic elements of the airport (runway, taxiway, etc.). The site and the wind characteristics were studied at the proposed location Al-baqiea region, and its suitability for establishing a Palestinian airport there, as well as the number of travelers, arriving and departing to Palestine, the number of pilgrims, and the number of Palestinian passengers who use Queen Alia International Airport. The winds and site data were analyzed to obtain results that indicate that the proposed site matches the specifications, as well as the most appropriate direction for the runway. Concerning the prediction of passengers, the market share method was used, obtaining results related to the demand capacity, and the gate capacity. In addition, the characteristics of the aircraft (dimensions, length, and width) were studied to choose a design critical aircraft to be used in the design process, and the safety and security standards and conditions of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) were considered. The airport classification, runway configuration, the requirement for obstacles and clearance were identified based on the terms and standards of FFA and ICAO. After that, the runway dimensions (length and width) and their direction were obtained. Besides, determining the area of the terminal area with the number of floors, obtaining general layout for the airport, and coming up with results that make the design process. In addition, the design of the runway, taxiway, apron area, and sustainability issues is determined in this project. Finally, the cost and quantity of material calculated in order to decide on finance