Assessment of Nablus Al-Bathan Road Subsidence and Alternative Solutions Proposal

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Israa Qanaze
Lubna Imad
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Al-Bathan road is located in Nablus District in the northern part of West Bank. It is a vital vessel that connects the city with the Jordan Valley, the Governorate of Tubas and the eastern part of Jenin Governorate. This road is also vital because it leads to many parks and resorts in Al-Bathan area which is a major destination of tourism from all over the country. Nablus-Al-Bathan Road was widened, reconstructed and rehabilitated in 2009 by Nablus Public Works and Housing Directorate (PWHD-Nablus). In 2010 based on observation by PWHD-Nablus, there were some road defects at this road in several places and especially at station 2+ 100. Based on visual observations, every year Nablus-Al-Bathan Road suffers longitudinal cracks in several places along the eastern side of the road. In addition to that local lands sliding along the eastern and western sides are usually observed yearly. The objective of the project is to evaluate the existing problem and to seek for a professional and permanent solution. Therefore, solutions must be presented for the subsidence in Nablus-Al-Bathan Road, after further evaluation. Different alternative solutions will be proposed through the project such as searching for a new route that should be located on good soil strata. The second alternative solution includes designing a steel bridge crossing the defected area. The third alternative is using a soil nailing technique (anchors) in order to reinforce and strengthen existing ground. The fourth alternative solution is to widen the road from the western side (the mountain side).