Solar tracking and cleaning system

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aqraa, Sujood
samoudi, Aseel
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Solar panel has been used increasingly in recent years to convert solar energy to electrical energy. The solar panel can be used either as a stand-alone system or as a large solar system that is connected to the electricity grids. We are trying to consume more energy from the sun using solar panel. In order to maximize the conversion from solar to electrical energy, the solar panels have to be positioned perpendicular to the sun. Thus the tracking of the sun’s location and positioning of the solar panel are important. In this project we will design an automatic tracking system, which can locate position of the sun. The tracking system will move the solar panel so that it is positioned perpendicular to the sun for maximum energy conversion at all time, in addition we will design a robot to clean the solar panel automatically. The main goal of our system is to obtain optimization of captured energy, and to increase the efficiency of the system by overcome the problem of dust accumulation on the panels which negatively effect on their performance. (LDR) light-dependent resistor will be used as sensors in this system. The system will consist of light sensing system, microcontroller, Motor driver IC, Stepper Motor, and a solar panel.