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Ennab, Lina
Alawneh, Shareef
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These days, technology and communications are everywhere, a small device called phone can solve many of your problems, so you can buy a jacket from china without leaving your home, you can pay your invoices while you chatting people and most of things today gone just like that. So we tent to use the same way to make it easier to find your dreaming home or to find the suitable land for your next project or even rent an apartment to spend in while you are outboard. The main idea came from the difficulties that everybody face when decide to buy a land or rent a home. Our website make it easier to buy that land or rent that home by giving the chance to search for any estate easy and effectively. So our website based on some points: i. It contains two types of users, sellers and buyers or ordinary users ii. Sellers can advertise their land, home, villa, apartment, etc. iii. Buyers or ordinary users can explore the advertisements by the map or by the seller's posts, they also can filtering the advertisements by choosing the price and the city and other requirements, they also can add the advertisement to their wish list so they can back whenever they want. iv. Each seller can define its ad location by adding a marker that show up on the map for the other users to see.