Pyrolysis Reactor Design for the Copper Wires Waste

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Sohaib, Abdelhadi
Islam, Myadmeh
Majd, Sawafta
Hussam, Suliman
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The pyrolysis is known as thermal decomposition of hydrocarbons with absence of oxygen the aim of this project is to design pyrolysis furnace to end up pollution resulted due to copper extraction of its plastic cover by decomposing the plastic material that covers the copper wire and transform it into heavy fuel and charcoal but the gases which has not been through condensation are taken to the burner to operate the system itself using its product, this system has been designed to fit the the reaction condition a thick layer of steel 1030 is used in furnace the thickness is 10mm since the required temperature is estimated to be 400 °C the reactor weighs 77 kg when it is empty, the average rotational speed is 0.5 rev/min a 5kg sample required to achieve one experiment, the project have been achieved theoretically and practically related data have been collected from different articles, books, also programs such as solid works is used to design the prototype.