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Mais Al Barri
Hana Badarneh
Khaled Tuffaha
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 Recently, wood factories in our country has been transformed into an industrialized system. As a result, wood industry has been endeavoring to develop their operations through the adopting of several improvement methods and techniques. The current project aims to evaluate the existing operations and processes at Al-Beddawy Factory and to improve the efficiency of its operations and thus obtain maximum productivity. The scope of work in this project is to apply the lean modern improvement methods including process flow chart, Value stream mapping, SIPOC Diagram, Safety procedures and steps, 5Ss and eliminating wastes in addition to lean Layout approaches, Kanban system and flow cash and costing systems. The present operations and processes in the factory were listed and illustrated through the construction of process flow charts, SIPOC diagram, Value stream mapping in addition, Lean assessment was used to assess the current situations of the factory searching for the aspects to be improved in order to meet customers expectations also to reach the lowest cost and high productivity. Furthermore, Safety regulations and checklists were specifically used to maintain the worker safety introducing tips for making the factory a safer place. 5Ss and the 7 waste assessment is good with reducing cost and the time also the efforts needed to the production. With Kanban cards and system improving the inventory system and the production. Lastly, Facility plant lean layout approach was used to evaluates current factory layout and suggests new improved one based on certain calculations. The results showed that the factory is not utilized very well, this appears through the low utilizations of the most workstations, besides, and new layout is proposed that considers changing the location of the inspection laboratory to be adjacent to the receiving area. The main findings of the project could be adopted by the factory to assist in the overall growth and improvement  
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