Water Works For Marj-Ibn Amer Analysis & Design

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Abdulrahman Alsayed
Ammar Musmar
Hammam Jmahnhi
Mohamad AbuAlhaj
Mahmoud Abd-Alhai
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Our graduation project was talking about the design of all water works for a group of neighboring villages that are located at the north eastern of Jinin city. These villages are suffering from the absence of all infrastructures that are related to the water sector. This project includes the design of Water distribution Network, Sewage collection system, in addition to the design of Wastewater Treatment Plant. The procedures that were followed can be summarized as the following:    Estimate the number of population for all villages at the end of design period by using Constant Growth rate with compounding method.   Estimation the Water Consumption and Wastewater generated in each village.   After that, we prepared Road network and contour maps by using ArcMap program.   Then we designed the water distribution network, in addition to the distribution tanks, by Using WaterCad software.   After that, we design the Trunk pipe lines that are expected to carry the Wastewater from each village to the Treatment Plant by using SewarCad.   The final objective of this project was talking about the design of the Treatment Plant. This objective was done by using a new software called GPS-X that are facilitated the design of all units in the plant by computing the basic dimension for each one, then make a simulation for the whole plant, finally make a comparison between the results and the design criteria.
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