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Bushkar, Yaqeen
Isleem, Tala
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This project is smart shoes, for all people in general and specially for athletes. It has a lot of functionalities to help its owner in his journey, for example, it calculates number of steps, the distance, calories that he/she burns, tracking system which shows the road of walking, and the way of walking if its right or needs improvement and how. Moreover this shoes s let you know if you have flat foot or not also the level of flat foot and it measures your heart rate This shoes can also be used as a unity game controller that will be controlled according to the movements of the smart shoe The mobile application takes information from sensors in the shoes then analyze it and display it in the GUI of the application to the user and gives him a notification if there is anything he/she should know, like if it sense a wrong way of walking, and shows him/her some advantages and notes to take about many fields that related to health, like how to improve the way of walking, heart rate and flat foot, etc