Systems Improvement at Al-Amour Trading Company

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Eathar Fahed
Saleh Al-Amour
Maya Nofal
Abdullah Alshelleh
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Abstract “Systems Improvement at Al-Amour Trading Company” aims to address the pressing challenges faced by Al-Amour Trading Company in its current operational landscape. The company currently grapples with issues related to organizational structure and processes, fragmented administrative functions, sales performance evaluation, standardization of operating procedures, and process visibility and optimization. To tackle these challenges, the project delivers a set of comprehensive solutions that encompass a modified organizational structure, job descriptions, and documentation system; an integrative administrative system; a salesperson assessment and evaluation system; standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all departments; and process flow charts for improved visibility. Al-Amour Trading Company experiences the positive impact of lean management and thinking. The modified organizational structure provides clarity and efficiency in roles and responsibilities. The integrative administrative system streamlines processes, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing waste. The salesperson assessment and evaluation system ensures alignment of sales strategies with business objectives, driving continuous improvement. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) bring consistency and efficiency to operations, while process flow charts enhance visibility and streamline workflows. While these solutions lay a strong foundation for improvement, it is important for Al-Amour Trading Company to also consider future endeavors to further enhance its operations because the journey towards improvement is an ongoing process. For now, the company should focus on successfully implementing the project and utilizing the deliverables to drive positive change within the organization. By embracing these improvements, the company will be on the right path towards efficiency and effectiveness. As the company progresses on the road of improvement, it can start considering the possibility of adding additional departments in the future. This strategic expansion could involve creating departments such as archiving, auditing, and research and development (R&D). However, it is essential to prioritize the successful implementation and integration of the current project's deliverables before embarking on new ventures.