E- Clinic System

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Salsabeel Ahmad AL-Taha
Maram Fathi Balatia
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AbstractThe system is a web-site project that represents online medical site. we prepared the system to include many activities, in our project we design and implement the system to be able to add any hospital, pharmacy, doctor and news in the future in the database system, where the patient and doctor need just to connection to the internet ,to enable them to perform their tasks using web site.The system has an administrator who controls the roles of instructors, the administrator enroll registered doctors to the system, administrator active the profile of doctors, also can inactive profile of doctor and patient, he can send message to doctors and patients and receives messages from them .The doctor needs to register and wait for administrator confirmation, after this is done doctor can use the system and perform any of his operations like displays patients, they register for him , upload news, check his appointment program ,check patient how reserve appointment and inactive appointment .Patient can use the system to register online for any doctor he want, he can look for available time for any doctor ,also he can search for hospital, pharmacy in any place in Palestine, he can send message to doctors and administrator and read all news from doctors and administrator .