Qabatia Basic Girls School

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abu aqeel, Alshareef-rashed
mlitat, Ameed
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The strength of society lies in education. Therefore, appropriate schools must be provided to meet the needs of students and the teaching staff in particular, and to meet the needs of society in general. Therefore ,schools must be designed and implemented in a modern style to provide a comfortable study environment and appropriate conditions and to avoid recurring problems in previous designs. Schools include several spaces, and these spaces are functionally related to each other. Examples of these spaces are administrative spaces, classrooms, bathrooms, teachers’ room, library and laboratories. There are conditions and standards that must be met in the external and internal environment of the school, for example, they must be in the right direction and away from environmental pollution such as air pollution. Internally, its design will be safer according to the specifications of the Ministry of Education . The main objective of this project is to design a school building that is structurally safe and environmentally comfortable. You must follow strategies to achieve the goals and requirements that were mentioned previously. These strategies are to collect information about the building by searching in books and references related to this topic, and after obtaining the required standards, the building design is modified based on these standards. In the implementation of this project, certain programs are used. Such as Revit, AutoCAD, Etabs , and Design Builder. In the end, an integrated project is obtained in all respects by achieving a safe structural design that is compatible with the architectural design and is compatible with the environmental design that includes lighting, ventilation, acoustics and orientation of the building , As for the structural design, the building are analyzed internally using three-dimensional analysis programs, and the soil of the building and the interaction of the soil with the building have been studied, we also did the seismic analysis. HVAC systems, water and sewage systems also designed, and electrical systems designed, which include lighting and energy systems, as well as The control panel is also designed, and safety systems in the building was added , such as emergency exits and drawers, and a fire and alarm system. A safe seismic structural design for the building, the design of electrical and environmental systems that provide comfort and safety for studies about the project and the completion of all its designs, this report presents them all, explaining all the required details and the methods used in order to finalize all designs, as the building was designed in a manner Appropriate architecture and the addition of a new part to the building on the ground and first floors . A basement floor was also added to be used as a car park, and a seismic structural system was designed to provide more safety in the building, and an electrical and mechanical system, as well as an environmental system, was designed to provide more comfort in the building.