Collaborative Planning for the North East of Nablus

The study deals with the issue of joint planning among local bodies. It contains six chapters, starting with a general introduction to the project, its justifications and objectives which can be summarized in contributing to the process of organizing and developing balanced and sustainable planning and development policy in order to promote the communities in the adjacent area Regional and sub-regional linkages between these bodies, taking into account the comprehensive and complementary trends of growth and development and the needs of the population for the use of land and basic services for all communities and not separately from each other, and strengthen the relationship between these Communities on the one hand and their relationship with the other nearby urban centers, and this would provide the impetus for better cooperation between local bodies and support integrated and standardization policy in viable communities. Is then dealt with the theoretical framework of the models and theories of planning and land use, which formed the basis in theory has been guided by it. The rationale and criteria for selecting the joint planning area are discussed. The clusters (Asira Al Shamaliya, Yaseed, Talluza, Al-Badhan and Al Fara'a) are considered to meet these criteria. Then begins the diagnosis, analysis and evaluation of all development sectors in the planning area trip, and draw the determinants and potential development. As these communities are developing in terms of population increase and inadequate services and imbalance between the population and resources, as well as weak relationship with the surrounding surrounding communities because of the dominance of urban centers and proximity to the city of Nablus, as well as poor planning, which are isolated from each other despite the creep of these gatherings and and lack of integration in the economic and social activities and the lack of development and development projects that would promote these communities, in addition to the lack of interest in agricultural lands and cultural and natural heritage, despite the richness of these communities Local development, especially tourism and provide future gemzo. Strategic directions and objectives for development have been developed in all fields in line with the types and types of resources available to them and how to use these resources and thus enhance their ability to grow and develop within a realistic and viable sub-regional plan to promote the local environment and improve the social and economic conditions of the population. The main idea is to achieve the residential, service and economic development in line with the needs of each community and to meet the needs of the future as a result of the increase in population, by directing development and development towards making Asira Al-Shamaliya an administrative services center,