The landscape of technology has significantly transformed the operations of numerous companies. In the case of many grocery and herbs E-commerce businesses, technology stands out as a pivotal force and a primary marketing tool. The market for E-commerce apps in the grocery and food supplement industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in recent years, resulting in an increased demand for mobile programming tailored to these businesses. Developing and programming an E-commerce app for groceries not only enhances its market presence but also serves as a powerful online brand promotion tool. This project empowers online grocery stores to sell their products on sophisticated platforms, providing customers with a comprehensive view of the diverse range of items available in their inventory. The implementation of dynamic chat. Additionally, the inclusion of a feedback mechanism allows customers to benefit from the experiences and opinions of fellow shoppers. The notifications feature keeps customers informed about updates and relevant news, while the recommendation feature guides them towards products they may desire or frequently request. For the app development, we plan to use React Native for the front end,. The backend will be powered by NodeJs, and Firebase will handle the notifications.