Recycling Eggshells in Palestine

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Abdul Aziz Fayyad
Amjad Kittaneh
Ann Salem
Firyal Abuzahu
Zahya Maali
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 This project aims at investigating the economic, environmental and operational feasibility of establishing a recycling unit of chickens eggshells in the northern part of West Bank. More specifically, instead of disposing the chickens eggshells resulted from daily hatching of chickens in the West Banks farms, the proposed plant will work on recycling those eggshells via separating their main components which are  CaCo3 and collagen. These components could be considered as vital sources of raw materials inputs to different industries; like fertilizers and feed stuff which use CaCo3, and aesthetics and cosmetics industries which use collagen for in the production of their products. The project started with a market survey to examine the willingness of farms owners (through questionnaires) to separate the eggshells in separate bags to be collected by the recycling plant vehicles. The statistical analysis of the collected data reveled a serious willingness and commitment by the farms owners. Then, a comprehensive environmental and social impact assessment was conducted to identify the benefits of eggshells recycling. An operational feasibility of the proposed plant was conducted to determine the machinery and other infrastructure-related elements needed to operate the plant. Finally, a comprehensive economic feasibility study was conducted to show the economic feasibility of the recycling plant based on the economic benefits resulted from sales of the produced components (CaCo3 and collagen). The results support both economic and environmental feasibilities of the proposed recycling plant. The Authority of Environment in Palestine is mainly invited and encouraged to utilize the findings of this project through seeking for financial support to build this plant in the suggested location (as shown in the operational feasibility) and operate it to realize its economic, social and environmental benefits.    
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