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Fana Abdul Rahim Yamk
Shahd Bilal Hamza
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We often need help finding maintenance technicians, which can be due to a scarcity of technicians in certain areas, their unreliable attendance for crucial appointments, or uncertainty about their skills. These problems are even more significant for women. An application that addresses all these issues and offers several benefits for both users and technicians is the solution. The application streamlines communication between regular users and registered technicians, enabling users to choose the maintenance they need, view available technicians, and pick their preferred technician based on factors like chat, notifications, and feedback. the user can sign up as a regular user with basic information or as a technician with additional information such as profession, age, experience, and work location. The program features a maintenance services page that covers cleaning, electrical, electronics, and other services, and can be detailed based on the type of service. The admin controls this page through a web page that lists all registered users and technicians.This type of application has begun to emerge as technology infiltrates all aspects of life. Still, there are not enough services available yet, and it has not been implemented in Palestine. We choose to use the Flutter platform for the front end because it has many libraries and is compatible with various operating systems, and for the back end, we will use Node.js it supports real-time communication and we are already familiar with it.