Fire Ball

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Mohammad Abu Hasan
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Fireball is a 2.5D game with a story theme to make it appealing and interesting for the player. It will have the defensive concept. Featuring 3D graphics, yet its gameplay is restricted to a 2D plane where the game action will occur at the same line.2.5D games has proven lately to be more attractive, popular and more played than the original 2D games, it's also easier to implement. 2D logical & 3D graphical. For example, a platform with 2D game mechanics and physics, but rendered with 3D meshes and perspective camera. Most remakes of classic arcade games. 3D logical & 2D graphical. Examples include games like SimCity 2000 which have 3D game worlds, but are rendered in 2D isometric view.Our Fireball game will be 2D logical and has a 3D graphical. Our game is mainly defensive game where you are a ninja girl firing a fireballs preventing the bad guys from getting in the castle, with a bit game changing end, where we aim to use the element of surprise and illusion for extra dose of amusement as the player finally come to realize that the ugly ogres he was firing are actually good guys, and the innocent ninja girl is not so innocent after all by using hits on your mobile touchscreen.
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