The Effect of Pyrolized Carbon Black from Waste Tire in Concrete

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Hassan, Zaeem
Majd, Bakri
Qasem, Nazzal
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Waste tire considered as a serious environmental solid waste problem worldwide. However, this type of waste tire cannot be treated in a landfill nor burned in the atmosphere, because it releases toxic gases. Accordingly, several methods proposed for waste tire treatment. Among these methods waste tire pyrolysis is considered the most favourable. pyrolysis is a process of converting waste tire into gases, fuel oil, steel and a by-product, which is pyrolized carbon black (PCB). In this project, we’ll aim to employing PCB in concrete that used in building. Accordingly, a PCB sample will obtain from a local pyrolized waste tire plant; this will use as received without any chemical purification. The following variables will be testing to investigate the effect of adding PCB to concrete, namely: PCB concentration and PCB as a replacement to a different percentage in concrete. For concrete, it’s need to making and curing cubes of concrete to determine the compressive strength test, absorption test and slump test.