PALESTINE Cultural Center

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Palestine cultural center Project concept: The idea of the project is to provide the largest outdoor recreational space and green spaces by utilizing the roof of the building and providing it with external terraces overlooking the main street. As well as linking the inside of the building with the outside. The project Location : The project site was chosen in Tubas city, on the main street. Spaces Distribution: The building spaces are distributed over four floors, the main entrance to the building leads to a large hall equipped with seating places on the ground floor, and the ground floor contains cinemas and galleries. On the first floor there is the music department, which contains three classrooms, a ceremony and a music hall. On the first floor there is also the entertainment section that includes two games halls, and there is a craft section that includes workshops and a showroom There is a multi-purpose hall. The second floor contains the educational section, which includes classrooms, a computer room, a multi-purpose hall, a library, and an exit to the outside where there are terraces overlooking a large square. The third floor contains the cafeteria and the administrative department. The garage is located on the main street and there are external stairs on both sides of the building.