Re-Design of the Businessmen Forum Building

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Qasem Suliman, Ameed
Sweileh, Abrar
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In this project, a building of the Businessmen Forum – Nablus is aimed to be redesigned for a new design to keep space with modern development of architectural designs so that it helps to meet the needs of the market and business investors and operates the building in the ideal way. The main objective of this project lies in the redesigning of the existing building, all aspects and engineering systems will be included where all weaknesses and problems of the building will be taken into account during the operation process through observation, checking of the building and considering the employees notes and opinions to find the best permeant solution for the problems. Also, natural resources will be exploited and used in this building so that this building becomes environmentally friendly (green building) by using solar cells to take advantage of sun's energy and take the advantages of rainwater. The building of the Palestinian Businessmen Forum located in the city of Nablus was chosen as a case study , the study will analysis of all elements in this building will be analyzed in this case study in terms of the location and the functional role of each building elements and architectural system ,the general planning of the building and the operational way of the building is going to include the mechanical and electrical systems used and they will be compared to specifications and standards used in Palestine and that to solve problems that arise. 22 Through the case study that was taken at the end of this project, all structural, architectural ,Thermal , Mechanical and environmental analyses and improvements of the project will be fulfilled.