Smart Vertical Parking System

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Odeh, Ali
Sawafta, Majd
Atyani, Haya
Nasser, Rania
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Designing and manufacturing rotating parking system is one of the responsibilities towards our country because these types of parking lots will help solve the traffic congestion problem in Nablus city. Introducing the solution of the smart vertical parking system as a graduation project was very useful that can help in solving the traffic crisis problem by practicing and demonstrating the different discipline that is introduced by the Industrial Engineering Department at An-Najah National University. An initial working mechanism has been identified for the application to work in an integrated manner with the mechanical design using suitable electrical actuators that will be operated and controlled by an " Arduino Uno " controller system. Finally, several points were finalized during the preparation of this project, such as: 1. Determining the appropriate sites for setting the necessary systems in each of (City Center, Rafidia, An-Najah National University area). 2. A model for the mechanical structure was created, where this mechanical system was linked with an electronic system to facilitate access to the proposed sites. 3. A feasibility study was conducted to assess the level of success of the project.