An Integration Design for An-Najah Hostel

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Shaar, Farah
Al Sakhil, Mohammed
Abu Odeh, Mueen
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Lack of having hostels for students in the surrounding, is a great problem that should be solved by creating an ideal hostel which provide a comfortable environment that enables students to live in as if they are in their second homes. Therefore, the goal of the project is to obtain an integrated design in all Specializations from architectural design to structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental designs. Doing analysis for these aspects helps to increase the ability to handle with this kind of buildings. The project is accomplished in two steps, the first step that finished in Part 1 of project which is studying, analyzing, and assessing the case study (design) with its details. Information was collected from references about requirements and recommendations for this type of design. The second step that will be done in Part 2 of project is designing a new hostel for students in different boundaries making benefits from the feedback of the comparative stage (case study & standards) to come out with better design with less defects. At last, the singularity of this project is using BIM system “building information modeling” by Revit (Architectural and structural) and other programs as a tools that support BIM system and connected with it.