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Abdullah Hasayen
Mazin Khaled
Moath Ayyash
Mohammad Abu Alrub
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Ebn-SenaHospital which sits in Jenin Palestine consists of four floors. There are different room types inside this hospital such as , operating rooms , patients rooms, I.C.U. area, recovery rooms, store rooms, emergency rooms, delivery rooms, laboratory,photography and laser sessions,staff lounge waiting rooms, offices, locker rooms,nurse stations, wards, secretary rooms, halls, cafeteria and kitchens, pharmacy.The main aims of our project is to design installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC)include F.C.unit, A.H.unit, split unit, Fire Fighting system, Plumping system, Drainage system.     Mechanical system provides comfortable and clean healthy environment free of germs and diseases could harm the patient and the peoples inside the hospital to achieve comfortconditions inside the hospital, manyrequirements must be taken in the building structure.     The system providing appropriate adjustment temperatures and moisture in absent of adores, and are able to purify the air inside the building so that the atmosphere inside the building is suitable for patient healthy stable and relax. In addition adjustment to the hospital devises in order to protect them from damage and to give accurate results and therefore accurate treatment.       The system existing of fire alarm system and firefighting system to keep the hospital safe from fire, this system is very essential to provide early detection of the fire and extinguished it in its initial stages. In addition to the HVAC system, water services and plumbing design is required, the availably of water service system inside the building hot or cold water, this service can be achieved by selecting the right size of piping and tubing for fixtures of drainage system prevent the hose from the hazard leakage, pollution.