Master Plan For Water Resources of Nablus Governorate

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Abdel Rahman Shakhshir
Yasmine Fakhir Aldin
Waed Bushkar
Ameen Saleh
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 Study Objective   A well studied, defined and designed water master plan for Nablus Governorate which provides clean water delivered to consumers in all communities. This plan is the first step towards prosperous Nablus. To achieve this target the following will be done: -                      Study the existing water condition. -                      Define all gaps and problems the system has. -                      Develop appropriate alternatives and solutions. -                      Create a feasible water master plan in order to govern sustained water condition in Nablus Governorate.   1.2           Methodology   The plan employs the concept of clusters; Nablus was divided into 6 clusters based on location and Joint Services council and other criteria which will be discussed later on. Each cluster contains similar communities. This was done to help controlling the study process and to recognize all gaps existed big or small.  These clusters will be carried during the entire planning, with a detailed study about number of communities, population, consumption rates, and water resources available, which will help to estimate the alternatives to be used in the future. Rain harvesting, rehabilitation of existing supply networks, and drilling new wells in Nablus or maybe in some neighboring Governorates, are an applicable solutions to fill the water gap in Nablus Governorate.