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Ramez Rafeeq Ishtayyeh
Othman Jaser Irshead
Amr Mohammad Masri
Hikmat Reda Hjab
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The aim of this project is to design installation of heating, ventilation and air condition system (HVAC) for the Drugs Addicts Rehabilitation Center location in Bait Wazan /Nablus city-Palestine that consist of four floor, two basement floors, ground floor, and first floor.Air conditioning is a combined process that performs many functions simultaneously. It conditions the air, transport and introduces to the conditioned space. It provides heating and cooling from its central plant or rooftop units. Also controls and maintains the temperature, humidity, air movement, air cleanliness, sound level and pressure differential in a space within predetermined limits for the comfort and the health of the occupants of the conditioned space or for the purpose of the product processing.Most air conditioning system perform the following function, provide the cooling and heating energy required, condition the supply air (cool and heat), humidify or dehumidify, clean and purity, and attenuate any objectionable noise produced by the HVAC and equipment, distribute the conditioned air, containing sufficient outdoor air to the conditioned space and control and maintain the indoor environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness air movement, sound level and pressure differential between the conditioned space and surrounding.In addition to the HVAC system, water service and plumping design is required for service system inside the building such as hot or cold water by the selecting the right size of piping and tubing for fixture of drainage system.