Yasmeen Salon

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Aya Salman
Hala Halboni
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Graduation Project Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology Management information systems Department Abstract Yasmeen has been working since 17 until now Yasmeen Salon consists of 3 sections: 1. Yasmine Beauty Salon was established in 2017 2. Yasmine Couture for dresses was established in 2022 3. Jasmine Garden Photography 2022. 4. Yasmeen Salon is one of the commercial projects that has intense commercial competition. However, the still manual sales, reservations and rental processes make it difficult to maintain market share, so it is essential to be efficient in all areas including ongoing business operations in order to increase competitiveness. . It is necessary to create a new business process Organized using the Odoo app and using a number of Odoo modules. Designing new business processes through the use of information technology e.g. Odoo can add value to the new business processes created. An ERP system allows the sales team to focus on revenue-generating activities. Odoo ERP helps automate the entry of reservations and manage the execution of reservations in real time. In addition, the company has a very traditional system, but they don't even report their status at the end of a specific period, Odoo will help them to generate personalized and customized reports which is very important for the success of any business. Website link: https://edu-yasmeen-salonodoocom2.odoo.com/en_AU