Photographers use social media apps daily to show their work and face many problems when uploading photos, in which they may not reach the targeted audience. In addition to that, booking photoshoots on chats are impractical for both clients and photographers and could end with misunderstandings and delays. Photogenic comes to bring different features and combine everything related to photography in one place. Also, it helps photographers to upload their pictures so clients can interact with them, which will help photographers reach more audiences, in addition to their ability to announce photography workshops and events with all of their details, including a map to highlight the location. Also, clients can book a photoshoot according to the photographer's schedule, and immediately it will be added to the photographer's calendar, then a notification will be sent to the photographer. Photogenic also provides chats to connect the photographers with their clients and recommends photographers to the users to follow based on their interests. Finally, users can search for photographers by their usernames or domain