Re Design of Educational Building “Al- Bukhari Center”

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Nasser, Ibrahim
Mardawi, Ibrahim
Bustami, Mohammad
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The Qur’an Memorization Center is located in the Nablus Governorate, in Al-Mareej area, next to the Al-Tala’a schools. It is a four-story building, and the Qur’an Memorization Center is a building that provides many services that achieve the goal of the building, as it contains rooms for teaching and prayer. The land area equal 679.05m2 and with total building area 1206.2m2 . In the first project, the building was studied architecturally, environmentally and structurally, and the quantities and the initial price were estimated. Where the building was studied and analyzed architecturally and its standards were raised, then the necessary modifications were made to the classrooms, the prayer hall, the toilet, the bathrooms, the emergency corridors and staircases. From an environmental point of view, the building was studied according to the standards and after it was represented in the Revit program, compared to the requirements, and the necessary modifications were made. In addition, from a structural point of view, the building was studied and the type and direction of the appropriate structural system was determined. The type and amount of loads on the slabs of the building were also determined, and by means of the ETAB program, the building was analyzed and structural tests were performed. Also, an initial price estimate for the building was made. In the second project, the building was designed architecturally, thermally, acoustically, mechanically, electrically and structurally, in addition to inventorying the quantities and estimating the price. The building was re-studied environmentally by more accurate programs, where the Design Builder program was used to analyze the building thermally, study the spread of natural light in the building and make improvements in the rooms and the external and internal partitions of the building and based on the results, the appropriate air conditioning system was designed. The dialux program was also used in the design of the industrial lighting for the building. From an acoustic side, the crisis architectural spaces were analyzed using the Ease program. Based on the results of the structural analysis in the first project, seismic loads were added, the necessary tests were made, and the structural details of the building were prepared. The quantities of the building were also calculated and a final price estimate for the building was made.