Joint Urban Planning for the North West of Jenin (Al-Yamun)

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Qasarwi, Ahmad
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The aim of the research is to study the concepts of physical development and joint planning, and to address them historically since the beginning oftheir emergence in the scientific community, And its evolution over time to include new meanings and practices that have evolved with the development of the science and career of urban planning, then the research has touched on the history and evolution of planning in Palestine,even the emergence of joint planning in its present sense, highlighting its importance and clarifying the most important obstacles to this type of planning and others in general. Al-Yamoun area (north-west of Jenin governorate) was selected for the graduation project, it includes eleven towns and villages with a population of 58027 inhabitants in 2017. The region suffers from many problems and in all sectors, the most important of which are: poor infrastructure and basic services, weak investment and lack of employment opportunities within the region, environmental pollution, neglect of archaeological and historical areas and absence of individual or joint physical plans. However, it has a lot of potential and opportunities that can be exploited for the economic, social and physical advancement of the region, where the region covers large areas of land varies between the plain, the mountain and the valley, which are exploitedin irrigated and irrigation agriculture by orchards, the most important of which are olive trees. It has many archaeological sites and ruins, natural manifestations such as valleys, springs, biodiversity areas, natural heritage and scenic landscapes. There are also some industrial, artisanal and commercial activities scattered in the region. The project is aimed at preparing a blueprint for urban development in the region that regulates land use, provides public services according to specific criteria and enhances the opportunities economic, social and environmental advancement in the region, and attention to specific sectors, including tourism, to form a future scenario for comprehensive urban development in the region for the next 16 years. The main recommendations and findings of the project were to strengthen the town of Yamoun as a local service center and to provide non-existent services to reinforce this trend including a general and specialized hospital, an industrial school, and a commercial and industrial craft zones. And make the village of Rummaneha neighboring service center, so we proposed a number of service projects to support this trend.