“Design of a Cooling System for Recycling Copper Wires Using Pyrolysis Process”

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Al-Mo’tasem, Abu-Halimi
Mohannad, Al-Shakhshir
Mohammad, Jabr
Allan, Al-Sha’ar
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Palestine has been falling behind in the race of recycling techniques and ethics against the world. Palestine suffers financially every year due to bad recycling techniques or non-existent recycling methods. This project emphasizes on the importance of recycling in Palestine and utilizes a cycle consisting of a reactor, two shell-and-tube heat exchangers and tanks to help recycle plastic waste and extract copper from it. The paper indulges in various Pyrolysis methods and issues that were tackled throughout the building of the cycle. Intricate heat analysis was performed on both shell-tube heat exchangers using up-to-date simulation software. This study should yield wanted results after an empirical study is performed later in the future upon improved circumstances. This project had not been done before, although, there are various applications that are similar in terms of producing oil from plastic junk, but not specifically extracting copper properly from it.