Control and design of PV-Battery charger with maximum power point tracking

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Smoum, Mostfa
Abu-Assab, Hamzeh
Surkhi, Mohammad
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Power from solar panel is affected by sunlight irradiance and temperature variation which can be minimized by MPPT system. This report, aim to study and simulation of a simple and effective charge controller with maximum power point tracker for photovoltaic system using Matlab/Simulink software package, which can be representative of PV cell, module and array for easy use on simulation platform, the effect of sunlight irradiance and cell temperature will be into consideration, the output current and power characteristics of PV model are simulated and optimized using the proposed model. Also, it provides theoretical studies of photovoltaic systems and modeling techniques using equivalent electric circuits. As, the system employs the maximum power point tracker (MPPT), it is consists of various MPPT algorithms and control methods. In addition, this project presents a comparison between the Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) and Maximum-Power-Point-Tracker (MPPT) controllers. Are both widely used to charge batteries with solar power. The results validate that MPPT can significantly increase the efficiency and the performance of PV. Finally, PV system with Maximum Power Point Tracking technique requires a proper battery charge regulator with the battery energy storage and it is necessary in order to balance the power flow from PV system to battery.