Design of Three Critical Intersection and Two Links in Jenin City

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Ibrahim Taffal
Abed AL-Razzaq Hajeer
Abdullah Ghannam
Murad Marei
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The project contains of two parts: the first part of study is evaluating of existing conditions of three important intersections at the CBD area in Jenin city, and the second part is the detailed proper geometric the designfortwovital streets in the same city (Haddad and An-Nasreh). At the first part:Jenin city suffers in its main Intersections for the entrances of the CBD from a traffic jam , due to its large commercial and population activities ,So the project team is going to study and to evaluate the current situation to find a suitable engineering solution for this problem. The conducted study applying over the three Intersections for the main entrances of the CBD area, which is named as: “cinema intersection “, “AL-Nabatat’ Intersection “and “Al-Zayed Intersection “. Because these intersections are considered as the most vitality and traffic jam through the peak hours at the day. It is worth to mention here that the municipality constructed the roundabout without conducting any traffic studies two years Jenin council made many roundabouts at this intersections without any Engineering traffic studies; what caused the continuity of the traffic jam issues. Moreover, the project team will evaluate the existing condition of these three Intersections and use the results to find a suitable Engineering solutions and the realistic alternatives to get over the traffic jam(delay). So we are going to count the sort and directions of the vehicle that pass through the day hours in different days of the week , in addition we are going to count the pedestrians to find the peak hour for both to find the suitable solution according to the code. In the second part project team is going to proper detailed geometric studies including horizontal and vertical design and pavement designfor two important streets “Haddad street & AL-Nasrah street “ ,We will collect a data of defects and failures for the existing condition to design pavement, (type of defects, area of defects).And to make sure the geometry design for Hadad&AL-Nasreh streets by making engineering studies on streets so needed the count of vehicles and specification’s vehicles , after this redesign the streets by using (CIVIL3D) software showing an engineering solutions after discovered the problems on streets .