Mechanical System for school of optical (An-Najah university College)

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Abdulla Alawneh
Islam Salahat
Mohammed Jaber
Majdi Shwawra
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Abstract The aim of this project is to design installation of heating, ventilation and air condition system (HVAC) for the school of optical which will be built in Nablus city / Palestine. The school consist of six floors, two floor up the ground, three basement and aground. There are different rooms inside the building such as meeting room ,computer room ,laboratory ,guest room ,staff lounge ,clinic, waiting rooms , offices(dean and other ),stores ,class rooms,  video conference ,break area and stage,  secretary rooms, and kitchen and the last thing is (electrical room, pump room, mechanical room ,control room, generator room, transformer room.  as shown in appendix(I)   HVAC system provides comfortable and clean healthy environment free of germs and diseases could harm the student and the peoples inside the school of optical l to achieve comfort inside the school. Many requirement must be taken in the building structure. First providing a insulation systems for various school. walls and windows that will reduce the amount of heat lost into the building. This habitual be established with the construction of the building including the development of insulation material and spaces inside the wall and the selection of quality glass where the heat transfer through it can be reduced. Second providing appropriate adjustment temperatures and moisture in absent of adores, and are able to purify the air inside the building so that the atmosphere inside the building suitable for people stable and relax. In addition adjustment to the school devises in order to protect them from damage and to give accurate results and therefore accurate treatment. Third existing of fire alarm system and fire fighting system to keep the faculty safe from fire this system is very essential to provide early detection of the fire and extinguished it in its initial stages. In addition to the HVAC system, water services and plumbing design is required, the availably of water service system inside the building the hot or cold water, this service can be achieved by the selecting the right size of piping and tubing for fixtures of drainage system prevent the hose from the hazard leakage, pollution, the medical gas system consisting of a central supply system (manifold, bulk, or compressors), including control  equipment and piping extending to station outlets in the facility where medical gases may be required, the medical vacuum system consisting of central vacuum-producing equipment with vacuum switches and operating controls, shutoff valves, alarm warning system, gauges, and network of piping extending to and terminating with station inlets at location where patient suction may be required. Includes surgical vacuum systems, waste anesthesia gas disposal (gas scavenging systems), and beside suction systems.   Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) considered as system climate controller because it provides heating, cooling, humidity control, filtration, fresh air, building pressure control to the condition space .The HVAC provides heating and cooling from its central plant or rooftop units.   Plumbing essential for any buildings is divided into two categories, potable water (water service) and sanitary drainage water.   The water services will provide all consumers with a continuous sufficient supply of good quality drinking-water at an affordable price in order to ensure the health and well-being of those served on the other hand, Sanitary drainage has been said that todays water supply is tomorrows sewage problem. The sanitary drainage system carries away the foul fluids and solids created at the fixture . There are many different types of fire systems, which they are used for monitoring, communication, fighting fire, indication, raising alarm, and diverting smoke. In general ,the fire system can be classified into two categories, Fire Protection System, and  Fire Fighting System. The fire alarm system is used to generate alarms whenever there is any occurrence of fire, and the Fire protection is the prevention and reduction of the hazards associated with fires All the alarm signals can be linked to a central location where humans can carry out activities to handle the fire. Human Comfort The main objective of air conditioning is to maintain the environment in enclosed spaces at conditions that include the feeling of comfort to human. This feeling of comfort is influenced by a number of air parameters including temperature, humidity, air motion and purity. The purity of the air includes the absence of odors, toxic fumes and suspended particles, such as dust.