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Dwekat, Shaima’
Salahat, Saja
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The main objective of labeling machines is to prepare label that can be quickly fixed on bottles. These labels are sticky in nature; you just have to peel then and fix on desired place and to make a homemade machine. Electrical, electronic, mechanical and control systems are currently in use. Label machine is consisting of: • Electric part: DC or AC motor. • Electrical (electronic) sensor: this sensor work on case sensitive bar label to give commands to eject on a one label. • Electrical sensors are seeing the body to put the label on him, to give commands to the machine. • Transmission motor. • Paper pulls motors. • Operating panel or control system. The label machine project is an integrated project with several courses in design. 1- Electronic design of sensors: The adhesive tape sensor relies on light permeability through the poster, tape, and transparencies. This sensor is available in the market like a mare and is expensive and is required to do local-made electronic circuits that are adequate and inexpensive. 2- Electrical design and selecting simple motor whether for the transmission or the motor to remove the label. 3- The simple mechanical design is transported by the transmission system and the connecting system of the output of the label. Control system: The control system for this product is designed through traditional control circles or the use of the software system such as Adriano or PLC.