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Nezar Amer, Yasmeen
Ibraheem Hj Ali, Amani
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Due to the current situation and conditions in which the education is living, we have created the basic academic model for the university management system that provides user options that can be used to manage the daily basics. This unit includes many functions that make the daily routine working life of a student much easier, and the flexible and convenient application and friendly interface provide a good guarantee for student information management . It is an application that manages information related to university students, such as their grades, courses, transcripts, and GPA, and it allows students to register their subjects at the beginning of each semester, and faculty members can also subscribe to the system for their status. Student marks after exams, attendance and absence registration, download announcements for students about exam dates and other things on the page dedicated to each topic, students can comment on these announcements and communicate with teachers, additional features that can be included. They book a specific appointment according to a preset schedule from the doctor. The concept of the project is an application that allows the student to attend recorded lectures, book appointments set by the doctor, communicate with the doctor and provide notes. There are special features for the profile and making a schedule for daily work, the duties required, the class schedule, and course marks, as well as the features that support the doctor’s account, including from Schedule of doctor’s lectures, examination dates, and attach any teaching material.