The Pyrolysis Plastics of Copper wire to Oil

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Ahamd Abu-Jazar
Osaid Aseda
Osama Atari
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The world isfacing a huge energy gap due to the unexpected growth in industry around the planet of earth, and it is heading towards alternatives resources which are the renewable energy sources in order to overcome the rising needs of energy which are essential in diverse fields of life. Having oil alternatives in the West Bank is must because of the lack of the supplies which are governed by the occupation. Breaking the monopoly of oil operating engines of various kinds is the aim of this research. Which is based on the pyrolysis process of the plastic which surrounds the copper wire, the used device in this process is divided into two main parts: the furnace and the cooling device. In the pyrolysis plastics of copper wire to oil research, the wires are inserted into the furnace to accomplish the process of pyrolysis. The temperature used is (300-400) C˚, in addition of certain catalysts such as HZSM-5, produce many substances that can be used: coal, heavy fuel and flammable gas. This project is economically feasible, as it doesn’t require running costs, since flammable gas will be used again for a subsequent pyrolysis process.