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Amr J. Eshtiwi
Ahmed A. Al-Qerem
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Department of Computer Engineering
Nowadays, CNC machines are most widely used for many applications “cutting, drawing, etc …” and to give solutions to people who want to do remote writing from this standpoint our Idea was launched. In our graduation project, we will build a machine that is more like a CNC that have three modes, the first one is for drawing by the head by moving the head in four directions, and this mode is for people who have a problem with their hands so they can draw with their heads “using gyroscope sensor”, the second mode is a tic tac toe solver that plays with the human, the third mode that types what the user speaks. It’s a machine consisting of two stepper motors each of which moves in a single direction “ X and Y ”, the motor can take action to move from the gyroscope sensor in the first mode that is put on the head of the user which sends commands to the controller using Bluetooth and the controller can control in stepper motors to move in a specific direction, in the second mode, it read the play and takes the decision by the controller. The decision that the controller will take it will be done by applying one of the artificial intelligence algorithms after the human play that is done by voice, in the third mode, the system handles each letter by mapping it with the right Gcode. Some similar projects have been done before like the user gives an image and the machine will draw it but the difference in our project is the remote controlling in which the user can draw remotely.