Redesigning a Villa

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Muna Abdulhaq
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In this project a villa integrative design was done.  This villa will be located in Nablus city This integrated design includes architectural, environmental, structural, mechanical and electrical design of the villa. The project was designed by employing the scientific method of research and design, either calculation by hand or computer simulation to satisfy the need of environmental and economical design.  The architectural design considers the shape of the building, the relation between the rooms.  As for the environmental aspect, the design will include  the orientation of the building  and type of insulation used in the building. The mechanical design involves designing suitable water, sanitary and Hvac  heating and coolingsystems. The structural design involves reinforcement of the building . and finally the electrical design involves illumination and electrical power design of the building. All calculations and details of design of the project such as CAD drawings and computer simulation files are included and to this report.
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