Integrated Design of Courts Complex

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Mayadmeh, Ayoub
Itmaizeh, Ahmad
Hanani, Kamel
Allan, Mohammad
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This project is full design for a court's complex which includes of magistrate, appeal and the supreme in south Hebron area. The significant of this project is the miss- sufficient courts on this region despite the large number of population. Also there is no court of appeal in Hebron. This project is full design of structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, environmental aspect. Moreover, the project takes the Palestinian specification and codes. This report is an integrated design for a court's center in Hebron. Our methodology at work was contains three stages. The first one is was literature review, where data collected and organized. The second stage is the design work where contains Architectural Design, Structural Design, Environmental Design, Mechanical Design, Electrical Design and Quantity Survey and Cost. The last stage is Conclusion and summary. There are many similar projects for the court's complex applied in Palestine, but this is different in term of unique design, function and number of section.