IFC Check-in Website

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Hamdan, Hadeel
Abu Shanab, Ikhlas
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In this project, we developed a website for Building purpose. IFC Check-in website deal with one type of files with extension (.ifc). The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data model, is intended to describe building and construction industry data. By uploading IFC file to our website, you will be able to see your file info drawn in a graph of nodes, which describes the contents of the uploaded file. In addition, you will be able to see the 3D model of your design. IFC file which contains data to describe buildings, in order to read and understand these data easily. This website will make this possible by its graph model for your IFC file. Moreover, our website gives you the chance to modify your file by adding nodes to the shown graph by simple instructions. To make this project done, we used several tools for designing and developing our website, such as, PHPStorm, GoJs, mySQL and XEOGL. In this report we will explain these tools briefly.