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Ihbeisheh, Israa
Abuamsha, Yara
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Counselor is an interactive lawyers – customer’s application that will help both customers and lawyers to fulfill their goals and any obstacle they may face communicating with each other. This application will help them in different ways, as customers can have their own account, accessing lists of different laws, courts and lawyers. They also can request a consult from different kinds of lawyers, review others public questions, communicate with their lawyers and reserve an appointment with them and more. For a lawyer, they also can have their own account, access the same lists of laws, questions whether those questions were public or private, they can register different sessions for the cases, moreover, they can share these sessions or those cases with other lawyers and a lot of things will be discussed in progress. Also, the application have an admin’s account who will manage different kinds of work related to lawyers or customers. Our work was done via visual studio “2015” by using ASP.Net framework along with a set of programming languages such as, HTML5, CSS3, C#, JavaScript, and for the database SQL-DataBase-Server “2014” was used. Also we used bootstrap to guarantee the website’s responsivity.