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Moath Abu Karsh
Tareq Abu Khader
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CNC machine are machines used for cutting & grooving different type of material like (wood, aluminum, Alucobond, etc.). Axelo is an advanced type of CNC machine modified as robot which can move freely not fixed in one space like any other CNC machine, Axelo is a robot which can cut & groove any material sheets, can be moved to any work place since it has a small and not so heavy weight in counteract to any other CNC machine, it has a reasonable price which can be affordable for the costumer. Axelo’s specifications can be summarized in several things, portability which means that it can be used in any place by anyone who works in the field, it has high efficiency, good quality, speed and less time to finish work. Manufactured parts are made identical with the highest level of accuracy. Design and specifications are programmed into computer which means minimal errors during production and no unnecessary waste. Axelo has a 220 volt cable which is used to power the robot, its total current is about 10 Ampere. Axelo principle of work is that the robot will take the drawing (sketch) desired that will be installed to Estlcam that will choose the feed speed. The use of the cutting tool depend on whether it’s cutting or grooving, and then the G-code will be transferred to the robot microprocessor and with that Axelo can control the wheels movement in desired directions that G-code has commanded and also control the tool rotational speed and height above the working sheet if the robot is cutting or grooving, with also to make sure it’s moving in the right track, so Axelo will be able to do the job as it intended.