Multi Carrier CDMA system

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Namrouti, Hanaa
Khanfar, Noor
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CDMA simulation and calculations, leaves a lot of room for improvements and additions. For our model in graduation project 1 , we use a single-antenna systems in transmitting and receiving .But In the case of a CDMA system where each user and the base station are equipped with multiple antennas, termed here after a MIMO-CDMA system, the use of multiple antennas for CDMA systems provides additional interference suppression by exploiting the spatial structure of the system. Our project aims to enhance the bit error rate by using multiple kinds of modulation together using Matlab simulation . It includes numerous steps. At the beginning: we implement a matlab simulation, this simulation represents BER values according to SNR for MIMO using Almouati space time coding. Then we implement a simulation for BER vs. SNR for OFDM Model, another simulation for MIMO OFDM and CDMA – multicarrier\ hybrid OFDM. Models and we conclude the results in the third chapter. One of the most important step at the simulation is the representation of the relation between BER and SNR for the compination of (MIMO-OFDM-CDMA ) After completing these steps we have become useful to imagine the best way to modulate data with the best BER and SNR ratio.