Improving the Maintenance Management System in Palestine Poultry Company

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Abrar Abulail
Sabreen Eran
Zafer jwabreh
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The Palestine poultry company (AZIZA) has many departments; such as manufacturing, sales, administration, and Slaughterhouse, in this project we shed the lights on slaughterhouse department. Slaughterhouse consists of dear primary and extensible card productivity (3000 birds / hour) from a wide range of departments, from the reception and through the slaughter, plucking and evisceration, drying, sorting, weighing, slicing, and packaging at the end of cooling and / or freezing. In addition, the support units such as unit of waste, plant water purification treatment, and the main department is maintenance. However, this department does not have a strategy for maintenance but only depends on emergency maintenance.  This study aimed to develop a model that permits more rational planning for preventive maintenance, and this will help the company to reduce the maintenance cost, to maintain their availability and reliability and to improve quality and productivity and Suggested new templates and reports that should be used in the maintenance department to manage the maintenance process and facilitate the documentation of data and information for the uses of the monitoring and controlling the maintenance process. In order for the current study to achieve its goals, interviews were made with the manager and employees in the maintenance department as an instrument for data gathering.  Furthermore, we had to analyze this data, and then generate multi solutions to solve this problem, and finally evaluate and select the best one.
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