Design of an integrated 5-Star Hotel

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Alaa Horani
Mosab Hamdan
Nael Sakhen
Yahya Yamin
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Recently, it has been found that the number of tourists in Palestine has been increased as explained in the Palestinian statistics books. Those tourists have many requirements which should be provided by the country to encourage them to adopt Palestine as one of the most important destination for them. Hotels are considered one of the most important services that should be provided to those tourists. And because there is a gap between the increases of the number of tourists and the improvement of there  need especially hotels, Hotel design has been proposed to satisfy a good part of tourists needs.    So that, this project will go through two phases, first one researches which should be conducted on pervious projects, and analyzing some case studies to eliminate any possible mistakes which may appear during design phase by conducting SWAT analysis. During this phase field visits to local hotels and searching for international hotels in Arabian and European countries is very important. Secondly, design phase will start based on the data gained from the first stage. In this phase different aspects should be considered to be designed such as: 1-   Architectural and Environmental aspects. 2-   Structural aspects. 3-   Mechanical aspects. 4-   Electrical aspects. There's many software was used in design phase for Architectural and Environmental aspects, such as, AutoCAD that used to draw 2D plans, Revit used to set 3D model, Dialux & Ecotect used for lighting design, and for Structural aspects SAP program will be use. 
: . . . . SWAT analysis. During . . : 1- . 2- . 3- . 4- . D2 Revit D3 Dialux  Ecotect   etabs & SAP .