”Useful life of The Artificial Shoulder "

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Nofal, Nofal
Mohammad, Zamel
Montaser, Salameh
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The shoulder joint is a multi-axis synovial ball and socket joint, by having a loose connection it provides a wide degree of freedom; however, this means the joint lacks robustness and is prone to damage most commonly from shoulder dislocations. A rotator cuff tear causes major problems in allowing the arm to be lifted beyond a 90˚ abduction position. It is common that this insufficiency aggravates arthritis problems that may have occurred due the rotator cuff tear problem. The study focuses on investigating, describing and quantifying the implant geometric properties to evaluate the joint contact characteristics and use the outcome in redesign the implant. Aim of this project is to recognize the probable failures at the glenoid prosthesis and artificial glenohumeral joint. In this thesis a 3D models of shoulder implants were created in order to perform finite element analysis (FEA) by SolidWorks.