Rehabilitation of Tulkarem Electrical Network

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Abd-AlDaeem, Ahmad
Dawod, Basel
Odeh, Anan
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In our project we draw the one line diagram for Tulkarem network and analysis it by using ETAP12.6 the software program show us problems of these network , like the high losses and the decrease of PF of swing bus which case high penalties and this is because of problems in cables and lines, or from the old transformers that leads to reduced efficiency, and the over load problem we found the network at full load needed to 27 MW, but the availability of current connection point is only 23MW .Then , we improve the network in three cases : maximum case , minimum case and post fault case , so we increase the power factor of swing bus to 92 % and that cancel the penalties and we decrease the losses in the network . Then, we make an Economical study for the network. Then, we draw the daily load curve of the network and setting and design the switchgear. Then we adding a new connection point to the network and make a comparison before and after adding the point.