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Thafer, Aya
Abu Hanish, Shatha
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The importance of this project is to provide an educational game that aims to teach English to children in a fun way, as most parents face difficulty in choosing the appropriate educational resources that suit their children’s abilities and ages. To achieve this, we designed an educational mobile application game called ABC to teach children aged 6-8 years the basics of the English language in a fun and entertaining way. The project should deal with teaching letters, numbers, and words in English. There will be 1 account, which is for the kid. All data related to these accounts will be stored in a server and will be used later when the game ends to provide a certificate to the student. This game consists of a specific number of stages in which the child learns the basics gradually, as he must complete the previous stage in order to move to the next one. Each stage will be different from one age to another. At the end of each stage, there will be a small quiz to guarantee that the child learned the information correctly. At the end of the game, the child will be taught the basics of English. The game project is already in existence, but the goal of this project is not to invent a new game, but to create an educational game with better features that the child can smoothly deal with. There are many educational applications available now, but few of them are in the form of a fun game in which the child does not feel bored.